History 历史


Once upon a time, I ruled a kingdom without people. I’m pretty satisfied with this quiet kingdom: its robust and efficient bureaucratic organization would automatically arrange everything in the kingdom. Every day, my orders were posted in a prominent place in the kingdom, the background music in the sky changed a dozen times according to my preference, TV programs could insert my speeches at will, and I could know every corner of the kingdom.

And I never imagined that there were any buildings, weather, or scenery here. Or rather, it’s indefinite. I could turn around, and I was in the narrow alleyways of a city, with a church casting a shadow that leaves me with no way out. The next minute, I was in the middle of the lit-up underground square of the Sandcastle, surrounded by numerous divergent paths. I sometimes wonder if this is fortunate or unfortunate: the kingdom has lost all the elements of statehood: the cession of power, the spirit of the contract, the monopoly on violence ……

I am sometimes proud of it. One day I declared a hyperbola as the kingdom symbol, trying to leave this symbol on all the places I passed, on the walls, on my schoolbag, on my notebooks. My friends found out my secret and asked me for advice on the essentials of running a kingdom. So they all announced that they would also set up their kingdoms, and I was happy, but my country had no borders, and I could only imagine its diplomatic relations with those distant countries.

Now I don’t know how I should describe it. Sometimes, it is chaotic, like a sea of storms. Sometimes, it is warm like a monsoon in the spring and summer. Sometimes I am pathos, and the kingdom follows me in pathos. Sometimes I am proud, and it follows me in pride; sometimes, I want to kill myself, and it follows me closer to the precipice of death. I gradually realized that it did not have an independent consciousness, it was attached to my mind like a tumor, so I dissolved it. A kingdom with no one to claim it.

The only occupation in this kingdom was the historians, who diligently, almost neurotically, recorded every move of this kingdom, as if every day could be written as ancient history. The most challenging thing in searching for events in history, as much as there is at any time, prevented me from consulting it, and soon the kingdom will not remember its past. The thought that a group of historians could overwhelm an empire, become forgetful, and begin to age early, tells me that its future fate will undoubtedly be as deadly as when I usurped the throne.

June 2020








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