Ceremony 仪式


This morning, for the first time, I became aware of the frequency of everything. It was just after dawn when I heard an airplane skimming over my roof from far to near, the low voice surrounding me, inside the room like a live heavy metal concert. Then the downstairs janitor dragged the collective garbage cans with rollers down the pathway, from near to far. It was dawn, and I thought my home was a happy truck, and I was the truck driver making late-night deliveries to the supermarket. This little engine that loves to shake its legs, not once have I wouldn’t say I liked it.

As I filled up with gasoline, I realized I was the one who was in sync with the air conditioning frequency. Turning on the radio, the raucous vocals I didn’t love, their frequency like a fast and slow faucet, made me always step on the wrong beat. I didn’t wait. I kept driving on the highway, the season was still rainy, and I went through two freshwater lakes and a reservoir so that the cargo was dyed shrimp and crab frequency. My undulating seat resembled the gills of a goldfish, and I never realized it was breathing. My dinner was at a restaurant in a service area, when the TV was playing fruit news, mangoes, cherries, tomatoes, watermelons …….

I’ve seen watermelons ripened in a thousand different ways, and they never used to have the frequency of fullness that they do now. I felt how helpless I was walking on the highway, blending into the Mercedes traffic. The gas station was like a desert, covered with ironwood trees, palm trees, succulents ……. Walking to the guest house, I was thirsty. Suddenly, I felt the frequency of an artificial intelligence watermelon in my neighborhood, a very smart watermelon with a brain inside. Obviously, having learned to make people addicted, this watermelon has threatened the human species, and we must not allow this watermelon to live freely. So I imitated a man who walked homolaterally, went to her and told her I loved her.

July 2020






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