Index of short story

Afternoon 下午

Time starts at four o’clock in the afternoon, I would hardly doubt this fact. 时间是从下午四点开始的,我几乎不会怀疑这件事。

Trail 审判

Making me almost forget that this place had a long military rule. 让我几乎忘记这里曾经历过漫长的军人统治。

Map 地图

But we really don’t know how big this map is. 可是我们真的不知道,这张地图到底有多大。

Game 游戏

My dear friend who pretended to be the God, showing the birthmark on his neck. 我亲爱的,假装上帝的朋友,露出了脖子上的胎记。

Hypothesis 假设

I dream of you and me, with the report’s conclusion, together with the earth revolving around the sun and on its axis in a rainstorm. 我梦见我和你,还有结论,在一场暴雨中,和地球一起自转,公转。

Ceremony 仪式

So I imitated a man who walked homolaterally, went to her and told her I loved her. 于是我模仿一个走路同手同脚的人,到她面前,告诉她我爱她。

Transcript 笔录

It is said that the last thing one does before death is to walk out of a vast maze. 据说,人死亡前的最后一件事,是走出一座巨大平面的迷宫。

Prisoner 囚徒

Am I right? Fortune-teller, is this what you want, for someone like me, who doesn’t believe in fate, to start thinking that I might indeed have missed an opportunity to know something. And that was a bit too dry and…

History 历史

Once upon a time, I ruled a kingdom without people. 从前,我统治着一个没有人民的王国。